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  • What do I need to know about wheel alignment?

    This week's tire safety tip: What do I need to know about wheel alignment?

    It is recommended to have your vehicle's suspension aligned when changing new tires, when there is uneven wear on your tires or after driving through rough roads. When you lost the "DODGE THE POTHOLE" game in EDSA and your steering is off, this might be a good time to have your alignment checked. Hint: alignment checks are free in most service-oriented shops.

    The cost for the usual alignment is just P800 to P1,500 and it is a good enough investment to maximize your tires' life. This is for the usual toe-in toe-out correction. Camber correction will be a bit pricier but it will be worth it. Correcting your car's alignment can save you money because improperly aligned vehicles can consume tires twice as fast!

    To learn more about wheel alignment, visit Yokohama Tire Corporation's tire safety section:


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