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  • Caution on vulcanizing shops

    This week’s tire safety tip: Caution on vulcanizing shops

    We all hope that your trip this holy week is stress-free. But having a punctured tire is part of any road trip given our less than ideal road conditions. While vulcanizing shops are great for emergencies, most are still set-up with manual mounting and dismounting of tires. This opens a can of worms when it comes to damages.

    Automatic tire changers take care of the bead (part of the tire which anchors on the rims) because even a small nick on the bead will leave space for air leakage. Also, some of these shops still practice hot patch “luto” which affects the internal construction of the tire. Only use cold patch for tire repair.

    Car service centers offer tire repair for around P80 to P150 per hole only. Vulcanizing shops are not much cheaper.


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