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  • Do I need to balance my tires?

    This week's tire safety tip: Do I need to balance my tires?

    Although fire safety month is over, we still have more to share about tire safety and tire knowledge in general so we will continue with our weekly tips.

    Every decent tire shop or service center usually offers tire balancing for free when you buy new tires. But it is recommended to have them balanced periodically. Every 10,000 km together with tire alignment is ideal.

    Out of balanced tires are caused by uneven wear on the tire, imperfections or dings on the rims and improper assembly on the bushings and tie rods. Out of balanced tire assembly can be felt by irritating vibrations when you are driving over 60kph and mysteriously disappears as you hit 100kph. Vibrations can be most felt on the steering wheel.

    Having them balanced is relatively inexpensive (around P100 per tire and P20 per wheel weight) and can make worlds of difference in driving comfort.


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