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  • On replacing tire valves

    This week’s tire safety tip: On replacing tire valves

    As neglected as tires are when it comes to maintenance, less attention is placed on tire valves. Keep in mind that using defective/old tire valves can wreak a big havoc on the wheel assembly. Imagine if the tire valves leak, the tires will deflate gradually which is not readily noticeable when you are driving continuously. This will lead to running on flat tires which will make the tire un-repairable and unusable. Pray that it doesn’t damage the rims also.

    We are puzzled why the valve caps are often missing and what makes them prone to theft. The shinier, the more irresistible they become. Valve caps protect the valve core from weather damages as well as small stones that may damage it.

    So when you change your tires, use new tire valves. They are a very cheap investment on safety as they cost P50 only on average. Keep a few valve caps handy to replace the missing ones.


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