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  • How to read the tire size?

    This week's tire safety tip: How to read the tire size?

    The tire size is the one written on the tire's sidewall. So what are the meaning of these numbers?

    In reference to the photo, below are the itemized interpretation.

    1. This is the the tire's section width in millimeters.
    2. This is the aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is the section height expressed as a percentage of the section width. In the given example, the section width is 60% of 195mm. This is equates to 117mm.
    3. R stands for radial construction as opposed to hyphen (-) which symbolizes bias construction. Bias tires are mostly the tires using inner tubes. Passenger cars and SUVs with radial construction do not use inner tubes.
    4. This number is the rim diameter in inches.
    5. This number signifies the Load Rating. To be discussed in the following safety tip.
    6. This is the Speed Symbol. To be discussed in the following safety tip.

    The next time you buy tires, just give the whole set of numbers so there will not be any confusion on tire sizing.


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