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  • Load Index and Speed Symbol

    This week's tire safety tip: Load Index and Speed Symbol

    Taking off from last week's tip, it is possible to know the loading capacity and maximum speed rating of your tire. In the photo, 86 is the load index and H is the speed symbol.

    If you take a look at the table, 86 index translates to 530kg. This means that one tire, which is inflated at maximum level, will be able to carry 530kg. Four tires can carry a total 1,120kg. If you subtract the weight of the vehicle itself, you can get the net weight you can load in terms of passengers and baggage.

    The speed symbol H corresponds to 210 km/h. This means the tire can run at 210km/h with the specified weight in the load index.

    Be aware of your tire's load index and speed symbol. When using non-stock tires, make sure that the replacement you are using have the same or higher load index and speed symbol just to be safe.


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