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  • Sidewall markings and mounting procedure

    This week’s tire safety tip: Sidewall markings and mounting procedure

    Are you aware that certain tread designs should be mounted in a specific way? If your tire has INSIDE, OUTSIDE or ROTATION mark in the sidewall, you should follow these symbols as they are not only design, they actually have a big impact on safety.

    Asymmetrical tires - meaning tires with different left and right tread design - will have and INSIDE and OUTSIDE symbol. If you have not guessed it yet, when the tire is mounted and installed in your car, you should only see OUTSIDE.

    For directional tires, or tires having the design pointing in one direction, the symbol ROTATION appears in the sidewall together with an arrow. The tire should be moving only in that arrow direction.

    If you fail to follow these symbols, the tire will not perform as promised. Usual effects are fast wear, noise and uneven wear. Not to mention that it will go against the design for water dispersion.

    So take a look at your tires later, are they installed correctly?


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