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  • Tread design and their features

    This week’s tire safety tip: Tread design and their features

    Take a look at the photos below and see which tire you are using and consider the suggestions when you are choosing your tires next time.

    Symmetrical design. Taking from the word symmetry, symmetrical tires have the same design on both sides. Most of the standard and economically designed tires are symmetrical because you can mount them in any direction and rotate them in all positions.

    Asymmetrical design. Premium tires are designed asymmetrically. The larger tread blocks are found in the outer portion of the tire to promote stability during cornering. Smaller inner blocks inside are designed for water dispersion. There are multiple rotation options for these tires but you have to be aware and follow the inside and outside mounting symbol.

    Directional Design. Tread design for these tires forms into a V-shape because the tread design is pointing in one direction. Directional tires are usually found in performance tires because there are good in dispersing water at higher speeds. Rotation for these tires are limited to front and back because you have to follow the rotation symbol.

    In the Philippines, the most popular designs are the symmetrical tread design. These are usually cheaper and more versatile in terms of rotation. For Yokohama, the most popular symmetrical designs for passenger cars are Aspec and BluEarth.


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