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  • Do you need runflat tires?

    This week’s tire safety tip: Do you need runflat tires?

    Well, the answer is really up to you. But below are facts that will help you decide.

    Runflat tires are made with reinforced sidewall (note: very thick) to hold the tire and the car even without air. Without air, the tires can still travel at a distance of 80km with a speed not exceeding 80kph. As great as this sound, there are pros and cons to this statement.

    1 Punctured tires while driving at high speed? No problem. You can drive without air, remember?
    2 Stopping to change your tire during nighttime at less than savory places? Forget about it, just drive home or straight to a service shop.
    3 Spare tire assembly weighs around 20kg. Having runflat tires will eliminate the need of spare tires. Less weight means less gas consumption and more trunk space.

    1 Your car has to be equipped with tire pressure monitoring system. Because how would you know when they are out of air?
    2 Thick sidewalls translate to a harsher ride.
    3 Tire price is around double of the standard tire.
    4 Repair of damaged runflat tires is not recommended. Once punctured, cut or used without air, it should be replaced.

    Will you use runflat tires?


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