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  • Have you checked your spare tire lately?

                   When was the last time you’ve checked your spare tire? Will it be in good condition when you suddenly need it?
                   It is very easy to neglect the spare tire since it was designed to be a non-obtrusive holding case. Sometimes it
                   is mounted below or behind an SUV with a hard case.

                   If you are not rotating your spare tire with the rest and have not checked it in the past six months, more likely it
                   is now underinflated and not up to task if you ever have a use for it. Overinflate your spare tire for around 5 – 6 psi
                   to extend its usable state and re inflate it every six months.
                   Now that you have taken care of your car’s spare tire, how about that spare tire wrapped around you waist?


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