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  • How long will my tires last?

                   Try asking your doctor how long will you live and there will be a very good chance that you will not get a straight answer.
                   We in the tire industry are faced with this kind of question in a daily basis. And much like your doctor’s answer to your
                   longevity question, it will depend on how you lived your life.

                   Tire life is dependent on maintenance. Are you adjusting the inflation every month? Are you making sure that the alignment
                   is checked periodically? Are you having your tires balanced? Is your under chassis in good condition?

                   The tires being the only part in contact with the pavement will wear out depending on the car’s condition. If it is unaligned,
                   under or over inflated, uneven wear will occur. Uneven wear will lead to a shortened tire life. If you are using a tire designed
                   for paved roads for off road used, it might wear easily. Overloading? This might lead to early tire failure. Every time the under
                   chassis make extra movement, this contributes to faster wear.

                   It might seem that you will not get a straight answer, but we can give you real life examples. Yokohama’s sales people who
                   drive around Metro Manila, to as far as Ilocos, Aparri and Legazpi City and averages 40,000km per year can safely use their
                   tires to over 60,000km. Of course they observe proper tire inflation, balancing, alignment as well as car maintenance.

                   Different application tires have different life also. Performance tires like ADVAN can last upto 25,000km but again depending
                   whether you use them for drifting or drag racing. Truck tires and light trucks are made to have long life and will last over
                   100,000km depending on usage conditions.

                   What is the average tire life for your car?


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