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  • Do you know your tire’s treadwear rating?

                        If you take a closer look at your tire, you may have noticed this marking on the sidewall. Treadwear rating is a
                        measure of the tire’s durability against the industry reference of 100. A treadwear rating of 200 means the tire
                        will last twice as long as that rated with 100. Treadwear rating is a part of Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG)

                        Tires made for daily driving have usually high treadwear rating, while performance tires have lower rating because
                        this affects the grip or “stickiness”. Yokohama’s BluEarth AE01 has a rating of 300 and Geolandar SUV is pictured
                        below at 600. On the other hand, ADVAN AD08 which is a racing ready street tire has a treadwear of 180 while
                        ADVAN A050 competition tires are rated at 60.

                        These ratings are meaningless if you do not practice tire maintenance or drive safely. To learn more about
                        UTQG labeling, you can visit


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