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  • How to determine tire’s age

                                      Check your sidewall, and look for the serial number. The last four numbers will determine the
                                      production date of the tire. First two numbers will tell you the week, the last two numbers, the
                                      year of production. So if the last four numbers are 2209, production date is 22nd week of 2009.
                                      If it is 1014, production date is 10th week of 2014. If you can only find three numbers like 448,
                                      this means the tire was produced before year 2000. In this case, the tire was produce 44th
                                      week of 1998.

                                      Tire manufacturers put the end of warranty at around 5 years after date of manufacture so it is
                                      better to watch what you buy. However, tires do not magically disintegrate after 5years as long
                                      as they were maintained and stocked properly. Better to check with your local tire dealer for
                                      warranty concerns.



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