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  • Is there any benefit to Nitrogen inflation?

                        This is one of the most frequent questions we receive. And our short answer is; apparently there is.

                        The most common selling point of nitrogen machine sellers is that nitrogen escapes slower than regular air thereby
                        keeping your tire’s inflation pressure more stable. While we cannot confirm the first part, we definitely agree that
                        keeping the inflation pressure stable if beneficial. This might be more beneficial to those who neglect their tire’s inflation
                        pressure. Having a properly inflated tire will prevent uneven wear, will make it more resistant to road hazards and overall
                        make your tire’s life longer.

                        Another contention is that nitrogen air unlike oxygen in ambient air is not flammable, therefore will not contribute to further
                        explosion in case the car caught fire. So do you need nitrogen? If it is relatively cheap to get, then by all means go for it.
                        However, it does not mean you can use nitrogen air then forget about your tire. Monthly tire inflation check is still more
                        important than the air you are using.


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