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  • What are the most common tire damages?

    These damages are:

    (1) cut or puncture in the tread

    (2) cut in the sidewall

    (3) impact break


    The first two are easily seen, impact break on the other hand appears like your tire suddenly has growing
    bubble. Inside of it is a cut in the tire’s liner where the air pushes out creating the bubble appearance when

    Common cause among these damages is passing through our dirty and pothole -filled roads.Nails, sharp
    stones, wood and other materials find their way into your tire which results in the first two damages. Impact
    break is normally caused by potholes or other uneven surfaces. The damage in the tread is usually
    repairable. For safety reasons, a tire with sidewall cut and impact break should be replaced. Although
    enterprising repair shops will offer solutions to all damages, so beware.

    MAINTAINING PROPER INFLATION pressure will help prevent these damages as the tire will bounce off
    most of these road hazards.



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