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  • What is the recommended tire pressure for your tire?

                             Check the door panel on the driver’s side. This can also be found in the driver’s manual.

                             Notice that for 3 or less passengers, the front tires are inflated with higher pressure? Most vehicles have
                             their engines mounted in front, therefore even without passengers, the load in front is heavier, thus the
                             need for higher inflation.

                             The inflation pressure is dictated by the tire construction and the intended usage. For the two tires in the
                             photo - 185/60R15 and 185/65R15, the recommended inflation pressure at 220 and 240 respectively. In
                             the Philippines we are using psi, this translates roughly to 32 and 35 psi. More if you are loading. Some
                             commercial vehicles (equipped with commercial tires) mounted on 15inch rims have their recommended
                             pressure at 50psi. Don’t be afraid to inflate it at 50psi even if looks smaller than your average SUV. If in
                             doubt, follow the label on the door panel.

                             An industry practice: it is safer to overinflate 2 to 3 psi more than to underinflate with the same value. The
                             tire will be more resistant to road hazards and will last longer. Unfortunately, the ride might become harsher.

                             Again, check the inflation pressure once a month for your safety!



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